Note from dog
Normally, I hand NOTE FROM DOG over to a pup who has earned a starring role in a current story, but this time around, I asked them if I might have their permission to write this NOTE because a lot has happened since we sent our last one at the end of November.
HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR! Noah - Golden Retriever; Chloe and Bailey - West Highland White Terriers; Carter - Yorkshire Terrier; Lucas - Chihuahua (Brown); Sarah - Chihuahua (Blonde); Nano - Chihuahua (Black).
Chester of Venice Beach. This is Chester, a Cocker mix, walking towards our cameras on Venice Beach. His humans are Rudy and Stephanie.
Bruno of Runyon Canyon. Bruno, the Husky in the foreground, teaches his human, Kima, responsibility; yet he can also keep up with Kima's high energy. Shown here together in Runyon Canyon.
Action Dogs of West Hollywood. It's playtime for these gorgeous dogs in West Hollywood!
Bella of Elysian Park. Bella, a Pit Bull mix, dressed for success, enjoying the morning in Elysian Park. Her human is named Lily.
Chakis of Elysian Park. Chakis, a four-month-old bubbly Poodle mix, was born with a leg injury, but that hasn't stopped her spirit. Shown here, adoringly, with her human, Babiana, in Elysian Park.
Hikers in Runyon Canyon. Out for a walk on a beautiful July day in Runyon Canyon.
Bodie of West Hollywood. Bodie, named after "Bodie" in the TV show The Wire, is a One-year-old Aussie Shepherd who belongs to humans, Adam and Kirsten. He was nice enough to sit for a picture in West Hollywood.
Boom Bap of Venice Beach. Boom Bap, AKA Kevlar, is a French Bulldog pup. He's obviously in love with his human, Octavio, a hip-hop artist who was on his way to Portland when we caught up with them in Venice Beach in July.
Champ of Broad Beach. We caught Champ, the Goldendoodle, playing with his pal on Broad Beach. He has brought a lot of joy to his human family—Chris, his wife, and their four kids. During a period involving some health problems, Chris says that Champ's spirit has brought everyone in the family together.
Dexter and Rory in Venice Beach. Dexter (Border Collie) and Rory (Border Collie Corgi mix) love being outside with their human, Jarret. They've come all the way from New Jersey but seem well adjusted and quite happy in Venice Beach.
Man & Dog on bike in Venice Beach. Dog and human taking in the scenery in Venice Beach.
Kingston & Vienna of Runyon Canyon. Kingston, a Shih Tzu, and Vienna, a Pomeranian mix, with their human, Scott, make a great threesome in Runyon Canyon.
Gabba of Downtown. Gabba, an eleven-month-old Bulldog with his human, Payton, who says, "Gabba is always curious about stuff, and seems a little hyper this afternoon in front of the camera." We're sorry, Gabba!
Echo of West Hollywood. Echo, a two-year-old Siberian Husky with her human, Aly. Apparently, Echo loves to play tag and watch movies. Sooo L.A.!
Gouda of Elysian Park. Gouda, a five-year-old Shar Pei, dressed in neutrals by her human, Jessica, in Elysian Park.
Kiki of Echo Park. Kiki, a Shih Tzu with her human, Joey, in Echo Park. According to Joey, Kiki sometimes thinks she's a cat!
Radio and his mom in Downtown L.A. Radio II, a German Shepherd mix, with her human, Gloria, in downtown L.A. Their loving relationship began on a Los Angeles street, not far from where this photo was taken. When asked about how having Radio around makes her feel, Gloria lit up and said, "She makes me so happy! And, she makes me feel safe: if she doesn't like your smell, she'll growl."
Silas, a Frenchie in West Hollywood. Silas, a two-year-old French Bulldog, posing for us in West Hollywood. His human is Alex.
Silas Plays Hoop in West Hollywood. Silas loves to play basketball with Alex in West Hollywood. Alex says, "Silas loves to play with sticks and jump high. Basketball tryouts are around the corner!"
Stevie & Bear of Broad Beach. Stevie, a French Bulldog, and Bear, an English Chocolate Lab, on Broad Beach. Their humans, Danielle and Lucy say, "Stevie and Bear are best friends who enjoy playing fetch on the beach. Stevie will likely never outrun Bear, but it hasn't stopped them yet."
Bellamy of Runyon Canyon. Bellamy, a four-year-old Golden Retriever in Runyon Canyon. Her human, Danny, says, "She loves to play and has a real taste for attention." Perched above Hollywood on a weekday evening, it is safe to say she got ours.
Otis of High Tower with Dad. Otis, a Great Dane, and his human Andy, at High Tower in The Hollywood Hills.
Otis of High Tower. Otis shown here taking a stroll in High Tower. It looked to us like there should have been a red carpet! His human, Andy, says, "Although he's regal in stature while sitting, his youth will show as soon as he starts walking. He's growing into his paws."
Lincoln of Venice Beach. Lincoln, a Golden-Pit Bull mix, with his human, Andrzej Liguz, in Venice Beach. Andrzej said that getting Lincoln was "easily my best decision in the last five years." As Lincoln sat down beside him, Andrzej said, "It's hard to be in a bad mood with him around. He loves treats and running in the shallows of the ocean."
Token of Runyon Canyon. Token, a very proud Dalmatian-Pit Bull mix, posing proudly in Runyon Canyon.
Token & Mom in Runyon Canyon. Token and his human, Katie Rose Cullen, looking very happy while on a hike together in Runyon Canyon. "He's a textbook Dalmatian: he's crazy (cwazy), energetic, and fun."
Scooby & Scrappy of Venice Beach. Scooby and Scrappy, each a Pit Bull-Lab-Shepherd mix, relaxing with their human, Shaggy, in Venice Beach. Shaggy says, "They'd rather sleep next to me even if they have their own blanket. They're a handful, but I love them."
Wisha of Venice Beach. Very beautiful Wisha, a seventeen-month-old Goldendoodle, on Venice Beach. His human, Phillip, says: "Wisha is the Ethiopian word for dog. He loves the beach and retrieving balls."
Action Dogs of Elysian Park. A man from a distance, walking his dog in Elysian Park.
HOLLYWOOD GLAMOUR! Noah - Golden Retriever; Chloe and Bailey - West Highland White Terriers; Carter - Yorkshire Terrier; Lucas - Chihuahua (Brown); Sarah - Chihuahua (Blonde); Nano - Chihuahua (Black).