Note from dog
Normally, I hand NOTE FROM DOG over to a pup who has earned a starring role in a current story, but this time around, I asked them if I might have their permission to write this NOTE because a lot has happened since we sent our last one at the end of November.
Image: John Schroeder and Bella flanked by the Chicago cityscape.
Schroeder is half of the production team at Superfruit Presents. He's a well-known producer of festivals and pop-ups. His work on festivals includes Lollapalooza, Electric Forest, and Summercamp. He recently produced the immersive art exhibit, Artopia, at Morgan MFG in the West Loop.
Bella posing for the cameras in front of mural.
As John puts it, "Dogs are amazing creatures because they love unconditionally..."
Continuing, "It's our responsibility as humans to nurture that love and trust they have in us."
Lady D (Darlene Jackson), a Chicago DJ, with her dogs, Savannah (left) and Dali. A native Chicagoan, Jackson is an American DJ and writer, and was dubbed by Chicago Magazine as "Chicago's house music queen." Listed as one of Chicago's top ten black artists, she's a creative liaison and revered for her house, techno, and disco sets.
Dali and Savannah on one of Lake Michigan's beaches.
Dali, having a ball!
Lady D told us, "I'm the kid stray dogs would follow home from school and my parents would let me keep them . . . I've been a dog whisperer my whole life."
Jo Jo Baby: One of Chicago's original club kids. He's an artist, dollmaker, and hairdresser. Here he is with his dog, Danzig.
Danzig, fitting right in.
"I have always rescued animals, and it seems when they've felt the bad of the world, they're so ready to give love when you give them a chance."
Talia Palazzo, Owner & Founder of Covet & Devour, shown here holding her dog, Zero.
Portrait of Zero.
Palazzo says, "I think that dogs teach us unconditional love and how to enjoy the simpler things in life."
Candace Jordan, Contributing Editor/Columnist at Chicago Star Media, shown here with her dog, Bitsy. "Dogs are pure love. They're the wagging tail waiting behind the door that you can't wait to get home to..."
..."They're a wet nose and a warm heart. My favorite breed is rescue, and I hope I never have to live without one or more in my life."
Dom Brown and his dog, Foxy. Brown spent 10 years as the lead member for the band Porn and Chicken. As a first-time community organizer, he created Activate Chi, a collective of diverse neighborhood organizers seeking to promote acceptance within marginalized communities. Brown is also on screen as host of Wake and Bake with Dom Brown, roaming the country in search of new strains of marijuana and exposing the legislative hypocrisy that plagues the cannabis industry. Brown is co-founder (with John Schroeder) of Superfruit, an experiential production company.
Looking pretty "Foxy" for the camera!
Dom says, "I love dogs because they are always there for you. Their unconditional love and loyalty are unparalleled."
Susanna Homan, CEO of PAWS, seated with her dogs, Gus (left), a Dachshund mix, and Avi, a Maltipoo. Homan is a veteran of Chicago's media & marketing industry. Prior to joining PAWS, she served as Chicago Magazine's Publisher & Editor-in-Chief and served similarly at Splash and Michigan Avenue magazines. "Even though I work in animal welfare where I am reminded every day of the important relationships people have with their pets, I'm constantly surprised by how my relationship with my own pets deepens as the months and years go by. There's just nothing like the love you share with a pet."
Gus and Avi adorning the front stoop.
Homan walking Avi and Gus in downtown Chicago.
Avi and Gus, dressed for the weather.
Tariq Khawaja—Mortgage Lender, Artist, Entertainer,Public Speaker—with his dog, Rupert, on the La Salle Street Bridge.
Khawaja and Rupert, walking the bridge.
Together on the bridge. Khawaja says, "Animals and dogs have been in my life always. My office is even next to the PAWS adoption center on Clybourn Avenue in Lincoln Park."
Image: John Schroeder and Bella flanked by the Chicago cityscape.