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Normally, I hand NOTE FROM DOG over to a pup who has earned a starring role in a current story, but this time around, I asked them if I might have their permission to write this NOTE because a lot has happened since we sent our last one at the end of November.

A pet passport issued in France

via Travelnuity

Yes if you want to travel with it internationally

If you’re traveling internationally, especially in European Union (EU) member countries, your dog will need a PetA Pet Passport is an important document that accompanies your pet during international travel, especially in European Union (EU) member countries. With borders opening at last, this is the time to get your pet’s papers in order.

If your pet has a valid Pet Passport, he or she can travel between countries of the EU and other countries that accept Pet Passports without needing to stay in quarantine, according to Pet Traveller.

A Pet Passport contains important details such as your pet’s photo, identification, ownership and medical information. It also has a record of your pet’s vaccinations, medical procedures and other treatments

How do you get a Pet Passport?

Pet Passports are issued by authorized EU vets only; you cannot get them in non-EU countries. The passport is valid for life, but becomes invalid if the entries are made by a vet who is not authorized by the EU.

If you live in a country outside the European Union and wish to travel to another country with your pet, the documentation necessary for the relocation is often collectively referred to as a Pet Passport. You still might have to deal with quarantine, so be sure to check regulations before you travel.


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