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Normally, I hand NOTE FROM DOG over to a pup who has earned a starring role in a current story, but this time around, I asked them if I might have their permission to write this NOTE because a lot has happened since we sent our last one at the end of November.

Your dog can join the studt

Dog Aging Project

Purdue University wants your dog. The university is joining more than 40 scientists and researchers from across the United States who are looking at the general health and wellness of dogs. The study, called the Dog Aging Project, will take 10 years and track dogs through their regular vet visits.

The goal of the Project is to understand how genes, lifestyle, and environment influence aging. We want to use that information to help pets and people increase healthspan, the period of life spent free from disease.

More than 100,000 dogs are enrolled, and more dogs are needed. If you nominate your dog, you’ll have the opportunity to partner with the research team as a citizen scientist. Dogs of all ages can join. When accepted, you’ll be given a personal portal on the site. You’ll upload your dog’s medical records and participate in a variety of ways, including an annual assessment survey.

Seeking Medical Breakthroughs for Dogs and Humans

The Dog Aging Project is not only designed to study and improve dog health but the health of humans as well. That’s because humans and dogs have shared genetic information, and experience something called convergent evolution. This means by studying one, they may be able to learn how to help the other.

You’ll be asked to fill out surveys about your dog’s health and life experience. You’ll be provided with a kit to sample your dog’s saliva for genetic testing. You may be asked to complete special activities with your dog and report back on their performance. The Project’s goal is to make the experience easy and fun for you and your dog. The website explains: “We hope you’ll join our team as we work together to accelerate medical breakthroughs for dogs and humans.”

Join the Dog Aging Project

The Dog Aging Project is recruiting dogs to participate in the largest canine health study ever conducted.


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