Note from dog
I’m Ruby! I’m the star of this month’s Companionship story, Ruby, My Dear, along with my two humans, Lucian Truscott IV and Tracy Harris.

The 2021 ACE Awards winners (Awards for Canine Excellence), an annual honor given out each year by the American Kennel Club, were honored in an ESPN special that aired on Thursday, December 2.

The ACE Awards are given out by the AKC Humane Fund, and are sponsored by Eukanuba dog food.

The top dogs in Exemplary Companion Dog, Search and Rescue Dog, Service Dog, Therapy Dog and Uniformed Service Canine earned $1,000 for the pet-related charity of their choice, in addition to a year’s supply of Eukanuba dog food, and a silver engraved medallion.

Exemplary Companion Dog went to Benny the Ice Skating Dog, a yellow Lab belonging to Cheryl DelSangro. Benny is a social media superstar who plays hockey, figure skates and skateboards, in addition to helping the disabled community in the Las Vegas area.

Search and Rescue Dog went to Magnus Ares, a Belgian Malinois from Miami who belongs to Sinead Imbaro. Magnus has worked for the past six years as a narcotics detection dog, and he also assisted in the Surfside disaster cleanup in June 2021.

Service Dog went to Dyson, a Lab belonging to Brandon Holliday of North Wales, Pennsylvania. Dyson has saved Holliday’s life several times by dialing 911 during medical emergencies, and is also trained as an emotional support dog as well.

Therapy Dog went to Teddy the Bernese Mountain Dog, who belongs to the Brown family of Attleboro, Massachusetts. He has worked as a therapy dog with the Capitol Police, and he often visits schools, prisons and adult care facilities in the area, in addition to competing in dog shows and obedience competitiions.

Uniformed Service Canine went to Mattis, a German Shepherd handled by Mark Tappan of Alpharetta, Georgia. Mattis assisted in over 200 arrests during his career, and now retired from active duty, he serves as a bridge conneccting the public with the law enforcement community.

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